הארגון הבין-לאומי לחקר המסורה‮ ‬



Scholars interested in the study or research in the fields of IOMS as stated above, namely, the fields of Masora, text transmission, Bible manuscripts, vocalization and accentuation in all systems (Tiberian, Babylonian, Palestinian) and everything connected to Biblical text philology, are invited to become members of the Organization and take part in its congresses.

Membership in IOMS is open to any individual upon payment of the annual membership dues. We encourage anyone interested in Masora scholarship to join the Organization. 

The membership fee for 2009 is $10 (in US Dollars).

To request membership and pay the annual dues send name, address and membership fee to:


Prof. Harold P. Scanlin, Secretary-Treasurer

41 Waldheim Park

Allentown, PA 18103 USA